We all experience the problem of chapped or dry lips in our lifetimes. When the moisture level of the lips gets low or our lips fail to produce natural oil, they become chapped or cracked. The lack of particular nutritions like vitamins, smoking, dehydration, allergy, sunrays, polluted weather can cause chapped lips. It is not a general threat to our overall health, but it can cause painful irritation. Here are some home remedy tips for you to get rid of chapped lips.

1) Rose petals:

The roses not only offer us eye soothing beauties, but also provide us with so many health benefits. It can effectively help us to cure chapped lips. It is a great moisturizer for the lips and it can enhance the natural color of our lips. You can make an easy remedy from rose petals in your home. Just take some rose petals and wash them in clear water. Soak the petals in a bowl of milk. If you have any problem with milk, you can try using glycerine. Leave it like this for a few hours. Then take out the petals and make a mashed paste from them. Apply the paste to your lips. Repeat the process to make a mixture and regularly uses it 2-3 times a day in your lips. You will get rid of chapped lips in no time.

2) Sugar and Honey Scrub

Chapped lips are caused when the cells of lips become dead. The dead cells create dehydration, which lower the moisturizer level of our lips. Sugar helps to remove the dead cells from our lips and it also makes the lips soft as it is.

To get this benefit from sugar, mixsugar with appropriate portions of honey and apply the mixture to your lips. You can also make the mixture by using olive oil.

3) Milk cream:

Chapped lips can bring back to normal position by supplying proper fat content. Milk cream can be of great use in this purpose. It will moisturize your lips properly and heal the dead skin cells. Rinse your lips with milk cream 2-3 times a day until the cracks of your lips becomes healed.

4) Honey:

The great antibacterial and healing properties of honey make it a good remedy of chapped lips. Honey is also a great moisturizer. You can apply pure honey directly to your lips to get rid of chapped lips. Otherwise mix honey and glycerine in an equal proportion and apply it to your lips before sleeping. The next morning wash off your lips and you will see fuller and healthy pouts.

5) Castor oil:

Castor oil has abilities that can remove the dead skin cells from your lip and heal the cracks. It is used as an aid to cure chapped lips for a long time. The ancient scriptures about herbal medicine indicates that. Recently, scientists also proved it as beneficiary oil for our lips. To get the best result from castor oil about treating chapped lips, you need to make a portion of castor oil, glycerine and lemon juice. Take one teaspoon of every ingredient and mix it well. Then apply it to your lips before going to bed. The next morning wash your lips with a cotton soaked in lukewarm water. It will help you to get relief from the irritation of chapped lips.

6) Aloe vera:

Being a natural moisturizer and rich in anti inflammatory properties, aloe vera can be your ultimate weapon to reduce cracks in your lips. The hygroscopic properties of aloe vera can heal your lips and moisturize it properly. To heal the cracks of your lips take some aloe vera leaves and make a paste out of their extract by squeezing them. Rinse your lips with the paste and wait until it dries.

7) Cucumber:

To make your lips soft and soft without any cracks or irritation, you can use cucumber. Rubbing a slice of cucumber across your lips can be a great remedy for your chapped lips. Doing it several times a day can get you quick relief from the pain of cracked lips.

8) Coconut oil:

The chapped lips that occurs during the dry and cold season can be cured by coconut oil. It is efficient moisturizer that can heal the dry lips. Apply coconut oil directly to your lips to get rid of chapped lips.

9) Flax seed oil:

Fatty acids are vital ingredients that can cure chapped lips. Flax seed oil contains a lot of fatty acid. They are also full of useful nutrients that quicken up the pace of the lips healing process. It can easily enter into the cells of our lips and make them soft. It also prevents lips from cracking. To use flax seed oil as a remedy of chapped lips, apply it directly to your lips.

10) Exfoliation

Scrubbing your lips regularly can prevent your lips from getting chapped or cracked. It will help you to remove the dead skin cells and pave a way in your lips that it can absorb nutritions and hydrate properly. To scrub your lips make a paste of brown sugar and honey. Add some drops of olive oil and leave it for 15 minutes. It will dilute the sugar. Then apply it to your lips and rinse off. After rubbing your lips for 5-10 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.